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Samalkha:- Divine Knowledge leads to realization of Truth. This begins our journey of devotion to God. With realization of Truth, we are able to lead a balanced and blissful life. We see God in everyone which ends all discriminations and leads us to a state of bliss. This was stated by Nirankari Satguru Mata Sudiksha Maharaj while addressing the first open session of the three-day 72ndAnnual Nirankari Sant Samagam at the Sant Nirankari Spiritual Complex, GT Road between Gannur and Samalkha. Her Holiness said that when we involve God in our actions, this becomes devotion. Then our life is not restricted to worldly happinessin fact, it becomes a state of bliss. Referring to the theme of Samagam – “90 Years of Nirankari Mission – Truth, Love and Oneness”, Satguru Mata mentioned that God is eternal and the Mission is giving the message of Truth since 90 years. Truth doesn’t change with time, it is eternal. Satguru Mata further added that life is successful if spent in the light of Truth and God-realization. Her Holiness mentioned that Samagam is union of soul with God. When we realize the Truth with Divine Knowledge, we shed our ego and imbibe the values of Godliness within us. We all are one and we should see God in all. The respect which we expect for ourselves, we should give the same respect to others. Throwing light on the History of Nirankari Mission, Satguru Mata mentioned that Baba Buta Singh with firm determination quenched the thirst of people of that era by giving them Divine Knowledge. Satguru in this Mission has always given priority to saints and given the message of love and devotion to the devotees of Mission.

Sewa Dal Rally:

The Samagam today began with a spectacular Sewadal Rally that reaffirmed the famous dictum, “They serve the best, who serve silently.” The volunteers of the Sewadal render selfless services to the society through tree plantation & cleanliness drives, blood donation camps, medical & health check-ups along with providing all kinds of support to the affected people during natural calamities. The members of the Sewadal presented a co-ordinated display of acts and formations with physical exercises, games and aerobics in their sewadal uniforms.  Reviving the glorious history of the Mission for the last 90 years, the Sewadal members presented the founding of the Sewadal long back in 1956 and its manifold evolution over the years.

Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudiksha Maharaj left all devotees and volunteers spellbound by adorning herself in its Sewadal uniform and also participating in the Sewadal prayer. Blessing the Sewadal members, Her Holiness said that they are blessed with a golden opportunity to serve mankind by bedecking in this precious uniform and it is more like a responsibility on each and every shoulder who’s wearing this uniform. Her Holiness added that everyone should maintain the dignity of the uniform and respect every devotee without any discretion while keeping a close watch on their actions and words. Her Holiness applauded the physical items presented at the Sewa Dal Rally and wished that the message be translated in our daily life. 

VD Nagpal Vice President of the Sant Nirankari Mandal and Member Incharge, Nirankari Sewa Dal said that these volunteers in uniform have been offering their selfless service not only during Congregations and Samagams but elsewhere also. It is the occasion of Sewadal Rally that gives chance to them to seek blessings from the True Master for more strength in rendering these services.  He prayed to Satguru Mata to pardon everyone for the mistakes that happen in doing so and bless each one with a better sense of discipline, dedication and co-operation.

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